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Just bought a new pair of glass from Alex at Eye to Eye. For the first time ever, the experience of shopping for and selecting frames was easy, quick and actually a pleasure! Instead of trying on 50 frames now knowing if any of them were right for me, or if I even liked them (usual eyeglass places), Alex appeared right away and gently steered me toward frames that all seemed just right for my face and I started to get excited about the possibilities. They have countless frames, all exquisitely tasteful, that range from buttoned down corporate to cutting edge trendy. Every wall and counter and corner is covered with a huge variety of frames. I left the shop with a smile on my face looking forward to getting my new glasses—never did that before. I have to say I’ve never spent that much on glasses, but after considering it, I realized that for something that I wear every single day on my face, it’s a pretty reasonable investment in quality and style. If you’re in the market for frames and you care even a tiny bit what you’ll look wearing them, then Eye to Eye is a must for for your shopping list. Plus, he’s a fun guy!

- Maureen L.

I stopped in to Eye to Eye last week to pick up a pair of Lindberg frames for my special needs 2 year old. She has a very hard time walking into a shop like this. It always sends her into a tizzy and a long, screaming fit ensues. It can be ugly and it had never once been met with anything but nastiness from other eye glass boutiques. Speaking with Alex at Eye to Eye was a breath of fresh air. He didn't look at me like I had a third eye or scowl because I'd brought my other 4 children along. He was very patient and waited for my daughter to calm herself enough to be worked with. This took the better part of an hour and he still spoke to me the way you might speak to someone who didn't have a screaming toddler on their hip. It's a little thing, but to us, it's huge! The specs are beautiful and the service can't be beat! Thanks again, Alex, for your kindness! We will definitely be back.

- Carrie Broschart, PA

Every three years or so I treat myself to a pair of glasses at Eye-to-Eye. Usually I go there to buy one pair, but end up walking out with two, three, and even four. No, I’m not kidding. The eye boutique is that great. The great variety of European frames, the superior glass used to make the lenses, and above all the useful advice dispensed by the congenial optometrist - extraordinaire all make shopping for glasses at Eye-to-Eye infinitely superior to buying glasses at the mall. And the service is a lot faster. Order a pair of glasses on Tuesday and chances are by Friday you might be strutting around in your new hot pink silicone frames. Sure, the prices are higher, but you get what you pay for. With my severe myopia and astigmatism I know that the fit I get an Eye-to-Eye will be flawless. And Alex won’t sell you unflattering frames just to make a buck. He’ll probably take them out of your hands and put something better in them instead. Most of all he’ll give you plenty of facts that an educated consumer of eyeglasses needs when buying glasses. In the end this sort of straight- from- the- shoulder- talk is not only refreshing, but addictive. Did I mention that I already have my eyes on his spring line of pastel frames?

- Olya, Another Grateful Customer

Eye To Eye has it all: a huge, artfully chosen array of frames and a congenial, expert staff. After several years of being spoiled by their state-of-the-art merchandise and wonderful service, my husband and I would not even consider purchasing our glasses anywhere else. If you visit the Timonium store, be sure to ask for Alex's advice about frames. Thanks to him, I get many compliments on my (many) pairs of Eye-To-Eye glasses.

Christine, Churchville, Maryland

Thanks for the opportunity to purchase eyewear that is within my price range. I got price quotes from 12 Web sites that offered Air Titanium frames, including some overseas, and you had the best price on frames and lenses. It has been a month now and I've had lots of complements on my Air Titaniums. In a recent photograph I can't even see the glasses. It seems that with the right lighting they disappear. They're so light that when I go to bed I can't tell if I've taken them off yet. Thanks for less migraine headaches too! Your follow-up emails and overall service has ranked among the best of the my online purchases.

Dave from Ohio,
Smiling with my new "Smilla" Air Titanium frames. ;-)
P.S. My wife loves her new lenses too.

The two pairs of glasses I have gotten at Eye to Eye have changed my life. The Kawasaki frames are so light and wonderful and they look great! The sunglasses in the Cazal frames are elegant and make me feel terrific.

Thank you,
Ellen Young

Just a note to let you know how much your services were appreciated during our recent time of distress.

You will recall the occasion when my wife, Barbara, was trying without success to quickly replace her accidentally broken eyeglasses. She could neither drive nor work safely without them so for us it was a true emergency. It came as a pleasant surprise that, unlike others we had looked to for help, you understood our urgency and then swiftly and professionally went about fixing things.

If this occasion was an indication of how your business is usually done then I can see it as having a successful, growing, and much appreciated future.

Truly yours,
Gerald Sheridan

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